Akfix PU foam 850 ml ThermCoat is a high-quality thermal and sound insulation product suitable for the construction industry as well as other industrial sectors such as caravan construction and insulation of cargo bodyworks. It provides a unique, monolithic thermal insulation layer without any joints and gaps. This innovative alternative to traditional insulation methods, such as polystyrene insulation boards, glass, and stone wool, offers a seamless application. The product is a one-component system that can be applied with a standard PU foam application gun and does not contain any propellants harmful to the ozone layer.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Insulation: Offers superior thermal and acoustic insulation for a variety of applications.
  • Monolithic Layer: Provides a continuous insulation layer without joints and gaps, enhancing the overall effectiveness.
  • Innovative Alternative: A modern solution compared to traditional insulation methods like polystyrene boards and mineral wools.
  • One-Component Product: Easy to apply with a standard PU foam gun, making it user-friendly and efficient.
  • Eco-Friendly: Free from propellants that are harmful to the ozone layer, contributing to environmental protection.

Whether you're working on construction projects, upgrading caravans, or insulating cargo bodyworks, Akfix PU foam ThermCoat provides a robust, efficient, and eco-friendly insulation solution.

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