Mycro Trike sliding construction

Body with three-side tarp system is designed primarily for fast and convenient handling of goods. The side curtains are tensioned by an easy-to-use ratchet and allow easy opening by a single person. Tarpaulins allow free forward and backward sliding. The roof is sliding forward and thus allows quick handling by crane. Superstructures are very popular in the automotive industry or in JUST-IN-TIME delivery systems.

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  • fixed roof or sliding roof
  • Recommended dimensions, length 8600 mm, width 2550 mm, height 3000 mm
  • Aluminum or steel frame
  • To move the sail, it uses a Trike roller, which ensures a smooth sliding of the sail
  • Possibility to lift the roof structure
  • sliding variants, fixed roof, sliding roof and full sliding (all at once)
  • can be used with aluminium rear door and retractable flap for hydraulic taillift
  • Possibility of combining left and right slidingside
  • Various aluminum column variants